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Flynance Summer Camp

The Flynance summer program is a fun-filled, all-inclusive day camp that combines sports, academics, social life and professional development. By the end of summer camp, students will be more advanced in all areas.

Sample Information & Schedule

  • Week 1: July 9 – July 13, 2018 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

  • Location: House of Sports Facility – 1 Elm St, Ardsley, NY

  • For: Male and female, Middle School to College student athletes

  • Cost: $500 (Sibling discount available) 

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Sample Daily Schedule

For example only, not an actual schedule.

Period 1

(9:00 am)

Financial Literacy

Understanding debit cards, credit cards, credit score and the importance of saving.

Period 2

(10:00 am)

Career Discovery

What are your other passions and interests? Who are your role models?

Period 3

(11:00 am)

Fundamental Skills Training

On ball defense, help defense.

Period 4

(12:00 pm)

Individual Skills Training

Ball handling, mid range shooting, rim finishes.

Period 5

1:00 pm


Rest, relaxation and re-fuel.

Period 6

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Action Play

Students will incorporate their skills training for the day into competitive play.

Preparing Well-Rounded Student Athletes To Excel Wherever Life Takes Them

Career Development

The career development module of the Flynance Program is a discovery course designed to help student athletes target career paths that are aligned with their interests. Workshops and discussion-based sessions on topics such as resume building, professional networking, and more will be conducted in a socratic seminar format in order to engage all students at the highest level. Our objective is to create a fun and educational environment that promotes a diverse outlook on potential careers paths. 

Social Development

The social component of the Flynance Program also serves as an ongoing personal development exercise. Each day students will learn and practice their interpersonal skills with peers and educators, participate in various leadership building activities, work on public speaking and much more. By the end of this module students will have developed a new and stronger sense of confidence and will be able to apply their skills in any situation. 

Academic Development

Much like the rest of the Flynance Program, the academic portion of the curriculum is skill intensive rather than subject based. Using this approach, we stress to our student athletes the importance of being effective learners rather than just excelling in one particular subject or area. As graduates of the academic module, students will be able to tackle any scholastic based or real world issue. 

Athletic Development

The athletic aspect of the Flynance program is constructed to provide our student athletes with top tier athletic training. Our training program will be a progressive system that begins with an emphasis on basic fundamentals and develops into advanced level instruction. All student athletes will leave our training program more skilled, better conditioned and increasingly more knowledgeable in the sport they love to play. 

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