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Be more than just an athlete.

The Flynance Group addresses the lack of preparation that most student athletes experience at the end of their athletic careers. In theory, the hope is that a student athlete who experiences a career ending injury or graduates from an institution will the have tools necessary to make a smooth transition into a new career path of their choice. Instead, there is a consistent pattern of student athletes who suffer from major injuries and/or graduate from institutions with no concept of how to move forward after these events. Our solution to combating this issue is to provide unprepared student athletes with the skills and resources needed to create and sustain a life after sports.

Our History

In late July of 2016 Flynance co-founder Max Pearce become an overnight sensation thanks to a social media video that went viral and today has been viewed over 100 millions times! Max was recorded at his neighborhood park in Tuckahoe, NY elevating and dunking over a defender. The video was on every sports based social media page by the morning and in a span of months Max’s social media following grew from a modest following of 1500 to nearly 35,000 followers! With this new and massive audience, Max wanted to use this recognition to share positive messages. Soon after, Derick and Max sat in a local diner for several hours discussing the problems that they experienced and witnessed as student athletes. That same night, the two young men joined forces to create The Flynance Group. The term Flynance represents the merging of Max’s athletic dunking skills and the two founders’ interest in finance.

Preparing Well-Rounded Student Athletes To Excel Wherever Life Takes Them

Meet Our Team

Maxwell Pearce
Maxwell PearceCo-Founder
Maxwell Pearce is a 21-year-old student athlete & entrepreneur born and raised in Tuckahoe, New York with a 48-inch vertical jump. A recent Purchase College graduate, senior economics major and captain of the men’s basketball team; Max had several dunk videos go viral on Instagram garnering 100+ million views in 18 months. Several notable media outlets and TV shows like Sportscenter, MTV Ridiculousness, Complex Sports, NBC Sports, Bleacher Report, WorldStarHipHop, Champs Sports and Sports Illustrated have featured Max & his videos. On March 29, he participated in the State Farm NCAA College dunk contest on ESPN. 

Derick Ansah
Derick AnsahCo-Founder
Derick Ansah is the co-founder/ co-CEO of The Flynance Group and a 2017 SUNY Purchase College alumnus with a bachelors degree in economics. Throughout his collegiate years Derick was known for his ability to balance basketball and real life work experience. Along with being a dedicated ball player, Derick served as the president of the college’s student association for economics where he tirelessly fought to provide all students with the opportunities they wanted and needed. Today, Derick is using his experiences on and off the court to better help future generations of student athletes to find balance and become well-rounded citizens on and off the court.

Board of Directors

Edwin Beltran
Myrna Forney
Sheldon Pearce


Students Will:
Explore all possible career paths and begin to build their professional track records.


Students Will:
Gain invaluable life skills that will create new and successful habits.


Students Will:
Harness effective and applicable learning tools that can be utilized inside and outside of the classroom.


Students Will:
Develop an elite skill set, while sharpening basic fundamentals and performing technical analysis to better improve their game.

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See how our multi-disciplinary curriculum prepares well-rounded student athletes to excel wherever life takes them

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